Our goal is not to push feminism in the way it’s been, but rather to change the narrative. We believe in uniting women with conservative values, and bringing our voices together as one to protect our conservative values. We are a new breed of Feminists that detest the current ideals of liberal feminism and believe it’s our job to empower other like-minded women. Thus bringing in the term “Conservative Feminist” to the lexicon. We are not the bra burning, radical, man hating feminists of old. We value the strength of conservative women and want to provide a sisterhood of strong, empowered women who are no longer content to have their voices stifled by women with opposing views. There is strength in numbers. I urge you to look further into our website, and the content we’ve put out to further our mission. I hope, as a strong educated woman, you’ll take the time to look past the “F” word and delve into what we’re about.
 XX - Elle Saults, Co-Founder of The Conservative Feminists
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We are tired of all the polarization today especially among women.  Many women have fought and continue to fight the good fight so that we can have a voice to express ourselves.  Lately, though, it seems your voice only matters if you think the same as liberals.  We believe all women’s voices should be heard and that conservative women need to come together to empower one another.   We should be there to lift one another up.   We should be working together to narrow the existing wage gap, support each others’ entrepreneurial efforts while finding better funding, and work on establishing conservative women representation across the nation .  We can be feminists who promote womens’ rights and we can be conservatives.  We can have a family or a career or both.  We refuse to be ridiculed if our viewpoints don’t fit in the traditional definition of “feminist” because we are rewriting this definition.  


What we believe:


We believe that women are equal (as well as all people are equal) and have the right to our voice.

We believe in the Constitution and we uphold the Bill of Rights. 

We believe in supporting our troops and our first responders - including the police. 

We believe in seeking the truth and speaking the truth.

We believe we should protect the most vulnerable in this country - whether it be babies, elderly, veterans..

We believe we have the right to protect our family, ourselves and our property.

We believe it is ok to love Jesus.

We believe in helping one another in times of need.

We believe in legal immigration.

We believe in hardwork and hand ups.  

We believe in less government involvement, not more.

We believe a woman’s place is where she decides it is.

Here is what we propose:


Empower yourself - learn your worth, find your voice, set goals, break boundaries, research truths.


Empower your sisters - encourage one another, listen to each other, establish and share resources, support women’s entrepreneurial efforts, be kind, share your wisdom.


Become united- lets share our voices and create a movement that gives women like us the platform to share their views.

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